Automatic Vs Manual Image Annotation

Science and technology are the most significant achievement of human being. If you look twenty to thirty years back, you are easily able to analyze the tremendous difference. Nowadays the technology reached such a high peak that you can quickly call it a robotic age.

While talking about technology, it can open up how computers and machines assist in all kinds of sectors. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are now spreading their reach, and operating the process annotations plays a vital role.

Image Annotation

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence gives computers the ability to behave like humans. The process of…

Infosearch BPO Services can be your one stop shop for all your outsourcing requirements.

Services at Infosearch

Infosearch has 16+years of expertise in the industry and is successful with lots of Global clients. We offer 24x7 services to your Business with utmost data security. We are tech ready already and always with World class infrastructure. Our ISO 9001 Certification speaks our quality service.

The following are the services that you can outsource to us:

  1. Annotation Services

Accurate Annotation Assistance for your AI

Why to outsource Annotation to us?

  • Over 400 in house annotation experts
  • Delivering 40MM Data points a month
  • GDPR Data protection compliance
  • 2 levels of Quality assurance checks
  • Volume based pricing
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

What Annotation services we can do?

  • Image Annotation
  • Video Annotation
  • Bounding box, Polygon & Cuboid
  • Semantic Segmentation, Image Masking & Landmark
  • Autonomous Vehicle
  • Geo Spatial, Contour & Drone Imagery
  • Voice & Text Annotations

How to reach us?

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Website: Infosearch BPO

Email: enquiries(AT)infosearchbpo(DOT)com

Outsource your business services to Infosearch BPO.

It is imperative to have trained/modelled/annotated data for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects. The success of the data modelling depends on accuracy and huge volume of annotated data. In simple words more the annotation, high the efficiency of the data modelling.

The industry is facing a big challenge in getting trained data for various reasons. We would like to discuss some of the most important reasons in this article.


The most common channel in annotation is crowd sourcing. It’s the concept of engaging independent annotators for data annotation. There is a possibility of getting more resources to deliver…

We are a BPO company with over 12 years of experience in providing BPO services to clients in USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, India and Australia. We provide specialized data services to Retail Intelligence, Retail Audit, Merchandising and Image Recognition companies.

The above mentioned industries gather huge data from retail stores through crowd sourcing. The data needs to be validated to ensure quality. The quality audited data will help clients to analyse the insights on store performance, brand positioning, stock alerts, Planogram checks etc.

The analytics will help brands to identify gaps, improve their store strategies, competitor analysis…

We have recently completed a project for one of our client. The project demands annotation of Licence plate, Vehicle type, Make etc. We were also asked to annotate state, country, colour of the vehicle.

It was a bounding box annotation task with guidelines for bounding boxes and annotations. Please find below some sample images.

The use of Artificial intelligence in agriculture is the need of the hour. The agriculture industry has to depend on external forces like nature, bugs, plant diseases, low yield etc. We have very limited control on these forces hence the need for technology to have some manageable control over these factors.

After the WW-2 the agricultural industry shifted focus on using pesticides and fertilisers for high productivity. However this resulted in other side effects and the industry is turning back to natural, organic way of agriculture.

The use of technology appropriately is the answer to the industry’s issues. There are…

The world is witnessing a peculiar situation and the Global Economy is in stand still. No one would have imagined such a peculiar crisis will arise to hamper the day today operation of businesses across the Globe. We cannot afford to let it go as it is, it’s 21 days of complete lock down and we citizens should have the responsibility to support the Government measures to contain the virus spread. Social Distancing is the only option to control the pandemic and we will have to support all Government measures to control the spread of Corona Virus.

Even though it’s…

The following are the Annotation services provided by Infosearch for your business. Contact us, if you are looking to outsource annotation services to us.

Image Tagging for Retail
Retail industry is undergoing a sea change with the introduction of Image Recognition technology. Robots and Automatic cameras click pictures of shelves periodically to alert on Out of Stock, Shelf presence (Facings) etc. We do provide Tagging retail brands at SKU level for machine learning.

Semantic Segmentation
It’s an image analysis task. The task classifies each pixel of an image with labels. …

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